Fulltime Family

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So, our family has a little announcement.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so little. (And no, I’m not pregnant… how many of y’all thought I was headed in that direction?)

We’re leaving Spain! And that’s not the half of it.

You see, I’ve always done things a little differently and what I’m about to tell you is no exception.

Where do I begin?

Let me just get right down to it…

12 years ago I married my husband and we high tailed out of our small (population less than 2,000) hometown. We moved to Florida and fell in love with the area. Two weeks after I turned 18, we ended up leaving the country and living in Japan for three years. We took a two year break from overseas life and returned to Florida. For these past 5.5 fun-filled years we’ve found ourselves exploring Spain and the world around us with our three globetrotting chicas.

Moving back to America is a big, huge change for us and yes, these last 5.5 years have been amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing but we are oh, so ready for America. Our girls need to see the good ‘ol US of A, y’all. While I can’t wait to see our girls dig their feet in the sugar white sands along the Emerald Coast, my desire to see the world was born the minute I closed the passenger door on our tiny little U-Haul and cruised hand in hand all the way to Florida from Missouri in June 2004. I’m just not ready to settle down.

So, we bought an RV!

Well, a travel trailer. And we’ve decided to become full-timers.

You read that right. Our family of 5 (plus our dog and cat) is going to be living out a 35 foot travel trailer instead of a house.

There’s so much to see in the US and airline tickets just aren’t the same in the states as they are in Europe.

When I initially threw this idea out to my husband he was floored. Who does this? How will it work for our family of five and our pets? Luckily, through research, we’ve found that there are thousands of families all across the US that have taken the plunge into full-time RV life. I’ve loved gleaning information from them and we cannot wait for this next chapter of our life.

Our “launch date” is July 11th and we can’t be more excited.

We hope you’ll continue to follow along as it is sure to be an interesting adventure for us all!

U S A! U S A!

Happy travels, y’all!


Petty Officer McDreamy

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If you didn’t know my husband growing up, it may be hard to believe these three facts about him.  (1) He has had more than his fair share of stints in juvenile detention.  (2) He was on probation a total 18 months of his teenage life.  (3) He got kicked out of school his sophomore year of high school, ending with a 6 month stay in a boot camp for troubled teens which eventually led to his career in the military.

I know what you’re thinking at this very moment, how could anyone kick someone out of school who is that good looking?  I don’t have time nor the space to explain all the reasons, just know that he was what some may call a hooligan.  Given the facts I mentioned before, you could probably guess his reputation in the small town we grew up in was pretty terrible.  I could only imagine my mothers reaction to hearing that Andrew and I were an “item”. 

Despite Andrew’s scandalous behavior, deep down inside there was a hard-working, dedicated young gentleman waiting to flourish. When he joined the Navy at 17, he discovered his natural-born leadership qualities and was the leading sailor of his division at boot camp.  This August, Andrew will be in the Navy for 7 years. 

Through our teenage years, people told both Andrew and me that he would never amount to anything.  Secretly, I’ve wished that they knew how good of a person he really is.  I sometimes wonder if they ever think of Andrew and where he is today.  I’ve wondered if they know what a good husband, father, and military stud he has turned out to be. 

Much to my surprise, an article was published in our hometown newspaper about Andrew’s training in Explosive Ordinance Disposal School here in Florida.  Does it really matter that these people know what he’s doing with his Naval career?  Probably not.  Will I be the only one plastering the article on my refrigerator so he knows I’m his #1 fan?  Probably so.  Is he the best looking fella I’ve ever seen in uniform?  Absolutely. 

Actually, I have no hard feelings towards any of the people who may have been a wee harsh to Andrew.  It’s amazing how God orchestrates people’s paths from so bad to oh so good.  Who knew that we would be sitting here in beautiful Florida with two amazing daughters?  I surely could not have imagined or dreamed such a wonderful life for Andrew and me.  I truly feel God has many more blessings for us in the future.

The population of my hometown is about 2,000 people and since not one of them has had the idea to put the newspaper on the internet, I had to share this article with you old school style.  Behold, the article below for your reading pleasure.

She’s on a boat

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Some of my family members recently came to visit.  Being from Missouri, the scenery is quite different in their hometowns so I did my best to figure out some touristy things for us to do during their stay to soak up as much beauty that the Emerald Coast has to offer.

One of my ideas was to take them on a dolphin cruise in Destin.  My dad and sister were all for it.  My grandma on the other hand, was far from excited.  The rest of us wouldn’t settle going without her so we tried to force her (out of love, of course).  She tried to weasel her way out of it a couple of times but I’m happy to say that after 70 some years of never riding on a boat, she decided to go.  Although she was rarely seen not clutching the railing of the boat and never left her seat, she actually enjoyed herself and says she would do it again. 

Thanks Mama Boo for being open-minded and getting out your comfort zone.  Glad you enjoyed yourself and I’m happy I got to be with you on your first boat ride!

If any of you are ever in the Destin, Florida area make sure you stop by and see Captain Ryan at Boogies Watersports.