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Alpaca Farm Stay

If you've read my blog for long, you know I love the country. I'm a small town Missouri girl who accidentally happened upon a life of world travel. I love jaunts to the city every now and again, but if you tell me there's an opportunity to head to the country for a couple of… Continue reading Alpaca Farm Stay

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Feria [Carriages and Other Happy Things]

During certain hours at Feria, you can pay a fee to ride around the feria grounds in a horse carriage. I'm completely satisfied with watching them all go by and photographing them. On the third day I went to feria, I went to Jerez de la Frontera solo; just me and my camera. It was… Continue reading Feria [Carriages and Other Happy Things]

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Feria [Caballos]

You guys. I think I have a problem. Feria is in full swing here in Andalucia and I just went three days in a row. I can't help myself. Feria takes people-watching to a whole different level. And I love people-watching. Especially when it's a beautiful culture and it's a big party and there's rebujitos… Continue reading Feria [Caballos]

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10 Reasons Why I Love Living Overseas

I get emails all the time┬áhere and there from hundreds of┬ámilitary spouses who are considering making the move overseas. I could go on and on about the positives of overseas life, but let me share my top 10. 10) Disconnecting. In addition to not living in the US, I went without American TV for 4.5… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why I Love Living Overseas

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Sunday Morning Antique Market

I'm not gonna lie, the majority of my Sunday mornings are spent in my robe on my sofa enjoying a coffee while listening to the laughter of my three daughters. Classy, right? In the event that I get the hankerin' to put on something decent and have an easy Sunday stroll, the Sunday Morning Antique… Continue reading Sunday Morning Antique Market

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I Heart Homecomings

I'm not saying that I have it "hard" as a military wife. I mean, I have lived in Southern Spain for the past five years. How could you complain what with all the vino and queso? However, sometimes us military families go through deployments and we all know those are such a pain in the… Continue reading I Heart Homecomings

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First Week of 1st Grade

This week we spent our first week easing into Aliana's 1st grade year. This is our second year homeschooling and I can say that the first week went so much smoother than I could have imagined. Aliana is eager, excited and ready to rock as a 1st grader. This week (among other things) she began… Continue reading First Week of 1st Grade