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Feria [Carriages and Other Happy Things]

During certain hours at Feria, you can pay a fee to ride around the feria grounds in a horse carriage. I'm completely satisfied with watching them all go by and photographing them. On the third day I went to feria, I went to Jerez de la Frontera solo; just me and my camera. It was… Continue reading Feria [Carriages and Other Happy Things]

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Feria [Guapas]

Here's a new Spanish word for you today. "Guapa". Pronounced like gwa-pa. Easy. Here in southern Spain, it's used all the time. Having three little guapas myself, it's something that we hear frequently. It basically means "cutie" or "pretty girl". Feria is full of guapas in their beautiful feria dresses and I just can't wait… Continue reading Feria [Guapas]

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Feria [Caballos]

You guys. I think I have a problem. Feria is in full swing here in Andalucia and I just went three days in a row. I can't help myself. Feria takes people-watching to a whole different level. And I love people-watching. Especially when it's a beautiful culture and it's a big party and there's rebujitos… Continue reading Feria [Caballos]

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Baby Raina [Birth Photography]

Every now and again, I get the privilege┬áto attend a birth. Photographing births is so important and special to me because you are not only witnessing a new baby be born, but a mother as well. Since motherhood changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined, I always feel so blessed to… Continue reading Baby Raina [Birth Photography]

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The L Family [Portraits]

Lately I've been doing a lot of portraits to attempt to fine tune my photography skills. One family that I've got to photograph lately is the family of Jeff & Maureen. They have three beautiful children; Rory, Peter, and Michael. Just check out how good looking this family is! You can't tell me this one… Continue reading The L Family [Portraits]