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First Week of 1st Grade

This week we spent our first week easing into Aliana's 1st grade year. This is our second year homeschooling and I can say that the first week went so much smoother than I could have imagined. Aliana is eager, excited and ready to rock as a 1st grader. This week (among other things) she began… Continue reading First Week of 1st Grade

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Grazalema: The Hike

This past weekend, I got the hankerin' for a change of scenery.┬áBeing Navy, our life usually brings us near the ocean. After almost 8 years of living near the sea, we've grown accustomed to beach life. The sand, sun and tan lines are wonderful, of course, but this Missouri girl sometimes misses spending a day… Continue reading Grazalema: The Hike

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Embracing a Good Mess

In my pre-Mom years, when I saw a sticky-fingered, snot-nosed, messy child, I vowed that I would never be that Mom who would ever let that happen. When my oldest, Aliana was a toddler, she was the epitome of a girly girl. She was neat and tidy. I have saved the majority of her clothing… Continue reading Embracing a Good Mess

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Feria: My Girls

Lately there has been much ado about Feria in Southern Spain. Don't worry; if you're not familiar with Feria, read on, my friend. There is much to learn! Since we live in Southern Spain, our household did not escape the Feria hype. Each town hosts their own Feria on different dates so there is much… Continue reading Feria: My Girls

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Friday mornings just might be my favorite. I get to see this little cowgirl saddle up and ride. She's the best horse-rider in all of Southern Spain. Well, I take that back. Mistakes may have been made a time or two, but I think she's getting the hang of it now. Ah, there we go.… Continue reading Lessons

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Oh, Florida.

We did so much traveling in 2011, brought our kids along and it made for one exciting year. We started out 2011 with a trip to California visiting DisneyLand and SeaWorld, then Minnesota in February to see my sister, moved to Spain in March with trips to Portugal and Barcelona and now here we are… Continue reading Oh, Florida.

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My Afternoon With Wild Worses

Confession: I used to be a fan of (dramatic pause) Jon & Kate Plus 8. I know, I know... I'm without a doubt losing whatever cool points I had by admitting this. I assure you, I'm still cool (er, I hope). Anywho, on one of the episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon &… Continue reading My Afternoon With Wild Worses