Feria de Cordoba

On our way to the Alpaca Farm, we decided to pop in to Cordoba for lunch. We had no idea that Cordoba’s feria was taking place and stumbled upon it. Lucky us!

Cordoba is famous for its’ horses, their yearly patio festival and mosque. Here’s Feria de Cordoba through my lens:

IMG_5891blogIMG_5897blogIMG_5899blogIMG_5904blogIMG_5909blogIMG_5913blogIMG_5919blogIMG_5928 copyIMG_5960 copyIMG_5978 copyIMG_6016 copyIMG_6025 copyIMG_6041 copy

This horse was trying to run for its’ life after it discovered it was free from the reigns somehow. I initially was a lot closer to take pictures of these horses when I high tailed it outta there just like everyone else around me. I love horses but I prefer to steer clear of the feisty ones.

IMG_6052 copyIMG_6058 copyIMG_6071 copyIMG_6086 copyIMG_6094 copyIMG_6108 copy



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