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Alpaca Farm Stay

If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I love the country. I’m a small town Missouri girl who accidentally happened upon a life of world travel. I love jaunts to the city every now and again, but if you tell me there’s an opportunity to head to the country for a couple of days to do a farm stay, I’d tell you..

“Alpaca my bags.”

See what I did there?


I’ve been hearing about this farm stay for quite some time. A lot of acquaintances I have here in Spain have raved about it. And honestly, I tend to veer away from places frequently visited by other foreigners here as to avoid typical touristy experiences. But, this was on a farm and I couldn’t resist the temptation to retreat to the middle of nowhere.


The country was calling my name loud and clear…


Or maybe it was this here alpaca. This girl was keeping cool in the shade, such a smart one.


The farm is in Montoro, Spain, about 25 minutes away from Cordoba situated between hills and hills of olive groves.


And let me tell you, it’s the perfect backdrop for a morning walk with an alpaca.


Alan and Lorna are the owners of the alpaca farm and are such fun hosts. The whole experience includes (but is not limited to) walking the alpacas, getting to feed the animals, collecting fresh chicken eggs, use of their private pool and they even provide breakfast and dinner.


They also have a fair amount of cute and cuddly kittens.


And a huge mastiff named Blue. If you’ve ever had any questions about Spanish siesta, you’ll need to meet Blue. She can mentor you on all things siesta while you give her belly a good rub. This girl has it down pat.

Now, let’s get back to those alpacas…


One footloose and fancy free chicken with jealous alpaca onlookers surely trying to talk that hen into opening up the gate for them.


One of our girls’ favorite parts of the trips was getting to feed the animals by hand. But, if getting your hand tickled by alpaca teeth doesn’t suit ya, throwing it on the ground works, too.


A little farm cat here…


and another farm cat there…


Altogether now! I had to check suitcases and pockets to make sure that none of my girls made their way out of the alpaca farm with any of these babies!


If you’re in or near Andalucia (that’s you, Rota), you’ve got to get up and get out and make your way to the Alpaca Farm in Montoro. It’s an easy drive from Rota Navy base and an experience you’ll be talking about for ages! This trip is ideal for families, girl trips, or just a couple of lovebirds wanting to get away from everything for a couple of days. My only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner as this would have been a great place to retreat to during deployments when my husband was away.

Alan, Lorna and all the alpacas are very accommodating, you won’t want to leave!

Check out their Facebook page, Experience Alpacas in Andalucia and book your weekend as soon as possible as they fill up quickly!

Happy travels, y’all!


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