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Feria [Guapas]

Here’s a new Spanish word for you today. “Guapa”. Pronounced like gwa-pa. Easy. Here in southern Spain, it’s used all the time. Having three little guapas myself, it’s something that we hear frequently. It basically means “cutie” or “pretty girl”. Feria is full of guapas in their beautiful feria dresses and I just can’t wait to show you some of the guapas I saw these last few days.


The first two days I hung out in El Puerto de Santa Maria for their feria. Puerto is one of three towns in the sherry triangle (to also include Jerez and Sanlucar) so there’s a lot of sherry consumed during Feria. Almost everyone has a rebujito in their hand (a drink consisting of a Sprite-like soda and manzanilla sherry). There was some pretty amazing flamenco going on in the cities’ caseta, so we sat down and enjoyed a rebujito and watched these guapas dance the flamenco.


Don’t you just love her outfit? Go on now and say it with me; Que guapa!




Guapa is another word I say when I want someone to smile for my camera!





And sometimes if they know that they’re a guapa, they’ll smile for your camera out of sheer confidence in all their guapa-ness.




For my guapas (or guapos) reading this at home; which was your favorite dress?


2 thoughts on “Feria [Guapas]”

  1. I love all these pictures of the guapisimas! I am always too shy to ask to take peoples’ pictures, you have inspired me to try, for sure. These are so much fun to see. And I could watch the pretty ladies in their dresses all day, every day. Oh, and that lacy suit! That was amazing.

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