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Leila’s Homebirth Video

In celebration of Leila being 6 months old today, (and the fact it took me a while to figure out the video editing program) I’ve finally finished Leila’s homebirth video!

So, without further adieu…

You can also read her full birth story here.

Midwifery Care provided by Cindi Denbow, CNM, ARNP with Gentle Birth Options
Chiropractic Care provided by Dr. Sarah Leatherman with Health Source Fort Walton Beach

23 thoughts on “Leila’s Homebirth Video”

  1. I so enjoy your blog! I’ve been told back in the ole days your great grandpa was a great story teller I bet he would have never dreamed the avenue you would have at your finger tips to reach so many people. Your a wonderful story teller & I bet he is very proud! Keep it coming from your biggest fan in beautiful DeKalb, Missouri.

  2. That was great! I LOVED it! You were amazing and I hope to be even a fraction as strong as you were! GREAT GREAT GREAT!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. This was a beautiful birth and you are so lucky to be able to have your bundle of joy at home. I so wish I could have had my children at home.

  4. It makes me a little sad that I couldn’t have been there. BUT, I love that you are so open to media that allows you to share the moment with us after the fact. Beautifully made video, and loved the music! I love you!

  5. Great Job! The fonts, the music, the way you used the photos with the live video…loved it all!!! Wish I had such a great keepsake of our experience!

  6. you make it look like a piece of cake! next time, tell andrew to quit yawning and drink a red bull or something!! 😉 in all seriousness, that was beautiful and thanks for sharing. xoxo

  7. Really made me remember mine. You did a wonderful job. Such an amazing experience to have…like no other. 🙂 Congrats on six months, to you all!

  8. Kelsey – that was beautiful! You did a fabulous job with the editing 🙂 Love all the still pictures and I’m so happy you ended up with some video (wasn’t sure how that part turned out…) Happy Half Year to Leila!

  9. oh, what a sweet, sweet family! you are great birthing partners, i’m so happy for you!!! congratulations to everyone!! and special greetings to the new big sister!! 🙂

  10. KelsEy, as me being a woman unable to have the precious miracle of giving birth, I am so thankful you decided to share your families beautiful experience of Leila’s birth via your blog. My heart is filled with joy (and I’m bawling my eyes out!) you and Andrew are so very blessed to have each other and your babies.

    Watching the emotion captured in the photos and the video comes full circle with your choice of music to encompass the viewers feeling of actually being there with you.

    May God continue to bless you, Andrew, Ali and Leila!


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